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Services & Legal fields


Many companies do many things well, while some focus on doing just some things, but do them especially well. Even though our services cover a broad spectrum of legal areas, with our extensive specialised knowledge we concentrate on particular activities:

» Transaction advice

LEXAdvice has vast experience advising buyers and sellers on international corporate transactions. We are familiar with different market standards and practices in the areas of corporate M&A, private equity and venture capital. We are also experienced in dealing with negotiation partners from different cultures.

We provide guidance for:

  • strategic investors from different industries and private-equity shareholders in the purchase or sale of equity interests (share deal) or individual assets (Asset Deal) and
  • (internal) corporate restructuring and the establishment of joint ventures.

We take the lead role in preparing the necessary contract documents, accompany you in the contract negotiations and provide support in implementing the acquisition structure. We lead and coordinate the team in compiling a legal due-diligence report and help in the preparation of the supporting documentation. Through close coordination with the tax and financial advisors involved, we ensure that tax and financial (structuring) requirements are observed.

Every project is unique. With our flexibility, creativity and expertise, we arrange optimal advice in order to achieve the best possible result for you.

» Boardroom advice

LEXAdvice advises executive and supervisory bodies on all issues relating to current business operations and corporate governance. This service is of particular interest to companies that have no specialised legal department or those that have capacity constraints.

The professional legal advice of LEXAdvice on special issues and projects therefore helps prevent liability risk and compliance breaches. We support the management or head of legal affairs in solving defined tasks – and are happy to work on site at the company on a temporary basis as well.

LEXAdvice advises you on the identification, selection and use of suitable legal-tech products. As long as LEXAdvice has the relevant licences, you will benefit directly from this as our client.

» Legal & corporate housekeeping

Without knowing and considering the essential legal content of corporate and operating agreements that apply to a particular company, business decisions cannot be prepared and made with the requisite due diligence. This content includes numerous provisions in articles of association, company charters and procedural rules. In the customer and supplier contracts, the agreements on guarantees, liability limitations, contract durations, stipulated (notice) periods or a change of control must be obtainable at any time. If there is a lack of clarity in this regard, it is impossible to provide a proper resolution or sound assessment of possible operational risks for the company.

The essence of legal & corporate housekeeping is the advice provided for the preparation and implementation of shareholder and general meetings as well as board decisions and the drafting of documents required for this purpose. LEXAdvice takes care of the necessary systematic organisation and updating of the database as part of the process.

LEXAdvice advises and supports the client in the compilation and analysis of contractual data according to certain criteria. We also provide assistance to guarantee legally compliant contract management. If necessary, we resort to the know-how of specialised experts and give recommendations on structuring and implementing a suitable contract management system. The contract analysis can take place using software-based applications and be combined with the development of an Internet-based contract database or – for a specific case – a project-related data room.

Upon request, LEXAdvice takes on the task of document management in a secure Web-based database of a certified German provider (cloud computing).

» Support for expatriates

Legal fields

We would be happy to advise and support you in the following areas, with the help of our network partners:

» Corporate & Commercial law / Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
» Private Equity / Venture Capital
» Real Estate / Project Development
» Compliance
» Tax
» Intellectual Property / Information Technology
» Employment, Compensation & Benefits
» Litigation / criminal law for expatriates

Industry experience

OUR INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE: Diversified – but still specialised!

We have cross-sectoral expertise, with extensive experience in the following industries:

» Automotive industry
» Chemicals and pharmaceuticals
» Retail and consumer goods
» Real-estate sector
» Information technology

Nationally and globally connected

Nationally and globally connected: Germany, Europe, USA

We render our services wherever the client and the project need them. We aren’t restricted to one location or legal system. We cooperate closely with specialised partners and law firms as part of a broad and competent network (Network partners).


Individual and fair

A trusting business relationship is based on deferential “give and take.” LEXAdvice fulfills clients’ expectations with regard to increased participation in the commercial risk as well as transparency and cost budgeting. Our efficient working methods and lean organisational structure allow us to offer you attractive and flexible pricing models. We also take into account tighter budgetary pressures and the demand for appropriate incentives. All of this reflects our understanding of: individual and fair!

» The classical model (hourly fee)

The traditional method of remuneration involves billing by the hour at a rate that is agreed in advance and defined on the basis of experience, qualifications and specialisation of the relevant professional advisor. It is also possible to conclude an agreement based on a blended rate, which is applied consistently to all advisors participating in the mandate.

Time-based remuneration is appropriate in cases when the time spent on a mandate cannot be reliably estimated in advance. Of course, we ensure tight management of the mandate with the greatest transparency possible through regular status reports and detailed activity statements. Our Web-based matter-management system assists us in the process, so we are able to meet the agreed cost and budgetary targets and to guarantee transparent reporting.

Due to our efficient working methods and manageable fixed costs, we can offer very attractive conditions (hourly fees). We also safeguard these conditions when selecting our network partners. We pay special attention to ensure that the client is billed fairly.

» The classical model (modified)

For definable projects and transactions, we will gladly combine the traditional hourly fee with a percentage discount or surcharge on the fee if the project fails, negotiations are abandoned, or in the case of success (broken deal discount or success fee).

Alternatively, a volume discount is possible. This involves reducing the applicable (blended) hourly fee when the volume reaches a certain level. This can take place in several stages.

» Fixed rates

We also offer fixed or package rates if the essential parameters of the services to be rendered can be adequately determined when the mandate is accepted or commences. Relevant parameters include the specific content and form of the advisory service (e.g. a verbal or comprehensive report), the complexity, the time commitment, the liability risk (e.g. legal opinion) and the size of the mandate team. In doing so, we assume economic responsibility and act in a business-like manner, just like our clients.

The booking of flexible consulting times as daily, multiday or monthly flat rates at special conditions is offered especially for typical services relating to boardroom advice or legal & corporate housekeeping. As the client, you call on the advisory services up to an agreed amount of allotted time, making costs predictable and calculable.

» Success fee

The fee structure is oriented towards the added value and success of the services that LEXAdvice renders to you. After completion of the mandate/advisory service, a pre-agreed moderate retainer is to be supplemented by a success fee in the event of success. With this variant, we take an increased commercial risk – just like our clients do. This is evidence of our entrepreneurial spirit.

» Remuneration mix

We also offer you the option of combining fee models with each other individually.