Unlimited competence:

Our clients can rely on our skilled national and international network

Team leader and Networker in the best sense of the word: Dr. Axel Pajunk

At the heart of the network is Axel Pajunk as the owner of LEXAdvice, who personally takes charge of the mandate and is responsible for assembling a customized team that relieves you of the work. For this purpose, he cooperates with highly qualified experts such as lawyers, tax advisors, auditors, public notaries and specialized law firms (network partners) on the basis of longstanding, trusting collaborative arrangements and makes use of their expertise.

The leadership of the mandate can also be taken over by another member of the core team of LEXAdvice. The individual composition of the team follows exclusively your desires and needs and is otherwise based on the project’s requirements and/or the legal issues that arise from the situation at hand.

Close consultation with you, our client, is just as natural as a trusting cooperation with your other advisors.

Nationally and globally connected

Germany, Europe, USA

For us, there are also no boundaries in the geographical sense. We cooperate across borders with specialised partners and law firms. Your advantage: we are where you need us to be. In Germany, we have network partners in the Rhine-Main region around Frankfurt as well as in Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Dresden. At an international level, we work with partners in (e.g.) Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain and France as well as the United States.