LEXAdvice: Independent. Innovative. Focused.

The firm for commercial law and transactions

What we stand for:

» Independent representation

LEXAdvice is particularly committed to the principle of independence. Of course, this also includes commercial independence from the overriding interests of individual clients or third parties. This also applies to the selection of network partners that cooperate with LEXAdvice.

» Qualified advice

Our quality standards match those of leading international law firms. These standards are embodied in the firm’s founder, Dr. Axel Pajunk, who has more than 20 years of experience in advising German and international clients in the course of his work for major law firms. LEXAdvice offers high-level personalised and solution-based advice, while focusing on the essentials (incl. costs) and managing complex issues. 24/7 availability and rapid turnaround times are standard features of our service.

» Creating added value

Our high standards are what sets us apart from our competitors! We aren’t satisfied simply achieving the project’s objective – we want to generate added value for the client through our enterprising approach. The possibilities to do this are manifold and depend on the mandate as well as the client relationship. For example, substantial savings can be generated for our clients in terms of resources, time and costs through our collaboration with leading providers of legal tech applications.

» Attractive conditions
Our remuneration models are individually tailored and fair. They reflect our entrepreneurial spirit, which already characterises our approach to providing advisory services.
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The Owner: Dr. Axel Pajunk

Dr. Axel Pajunk worked for major international law firms for 20 years. He has advised entrepreneurs, shareholders and board members of German and international companies, primarily on commercial and corporate law matters as well as mergers & acquisitions (M&A). As a knowledge partner for many years, he was in charge of knowledge management and contract database development for corporate and M&A matters in Germany at a major U.S. law firm.

In 2017, he founded LEXAdvice in order to serve clients in an even more individualised, efficient and flexible way based on his own high standards.

In 2018, together with the leading German LegalTech Company Builder TEN, Axel founded LIVELEX GmbH, a cloud-based collaboration platform to align and negotiate documents with multiple parties in real time. (www.livelex.legal).

LEXAdvice: The name says it all

The name, which was consciously created using Latin and English elements, is protected by trademark law and doesn’t just stand for legal advice in the literal sense: Spelling the first four letters backwards produces the first name of the firm’s founder!

In this sense, the name is an invitation to change one’s perspective in order to utilise traditional legal advice with a new approach: Change your view!

This is because LEXAdvice’s own working methods depart from the one-firm principle of service provision at large traditional law firms, without relinquishing the advantages of comprehensive advice.

How we work

LAW FIRM 4.0: LEXAdvice is modern, agile and different

A well-managed, experienced team with an entrepreneurial spirit is essential to providing optimal support and a successful conclusion on large national/international projects and transactions.

LEXAdvice cooperates with highly qualified network partners and specialised law firms in Germany and abroad in a manner that is independent of location, interactive and closely interconnected. We are also happy to work with the client’s trusted advisors upon request.

LEXAdvice provides high-quality advice that is personalised, trustworthy and always tailored to the client’s needs. We also pay close attention to costs in the process, consciously forgoing complex organisational structures and the expense of maintaining office locations across the country. For budgeting and cost control, we use an innovative software solution that enables efficient matter management and transparent reporting.

Legislation and case law evolve in a dynamic way. Therefore, we are constantly following the latest developments as the quality of advice is essentially determined by an up-to-date knowledge base. We regularly participate in qualified training activities and industry conferences – just like our network partners. These partners mostly have additional qualifications too (as tax consultants, notaries, specialist lawyers or similar professionals) and round off our service portfolio.


As a member of the European Legal Technology Association (ELTA) as well as various legal-tech initiatives and forums, LEXAdvice actively tracks future-oriented developments in the interests of clients. We select suitable products for you based on qualitative and sustainability aspects as well as their cost-effectiveness. In this way, time-consuming activities can be optimised at a reduced cost through standardised processes while maintaining a consistently high quality. Examples of this include digitised data analytics by means of artificial intelligence, and automated contract assembly.

LEXAdvice actively shapes the evolution of LegalTech through LIVELEX GmbH founded by Dr Axel Pajunk in 2018. LIVELEX is a cloud-based collaboration platform to align and negotiate documents with multiple parties in real time.

LEXAdvice – Your modern firm for professional legal advice and a virtual platform for innovative legal services at the same time.


We feel a sense of obligation

We accept social responsibility with regard to sustainable management. We understand this to mean fair business practices, employee-oriented human-resources policies, the economical use of natural resources, the protection of the climate and environment – also in supply chains – and a serious commitment at a local level.

LEXAdvice is committed to the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact.

Who receives our support

We provide financial support to the following organisations:

  • The environmental foundation „WWF Deutschland“, a Berlin-based charitable foundation under civil law. The abbreviation WWF stands for World Wide Fund For Nature.
  • Kindernothilfe e.V. a charitable organisation that advocates for the rights of children all over the world. The charity is one of the largest non-governmental organisations for development assistance in Germany.
  • Die „Tafel Deutschland e.V.“, the umbrella organisation for a group of 920 charitable food banks that collect surplus food items in the retail sector and from producers, and distribute these items to socially and economically disadvantaged people in Germany.


Data security: Place your TRUST in technology

The lawyer’s duty of confidentiality is the basis for a trustworthy collaboration between you – our client – and LEXAdvice. High standards in the area of data security are vital for this purpose.

LEXAdvice employs the necessary security-related technology to ensure data security to the best of our ability. However, absolute security cannot be guaranteed. E-mail communication, in particular, is not safe from unauthorised access – it cannot be ruled out that third parties will view and manipulate this information. LEXAdvice therefore advises against sending any confidential data via e-mail in unencrypted form.


For the encryption of communications and the storage of data via the Internet (cloud computing), we work with a certified provider located in Germany. Our secure database for efficient contract management as well as our encrypted communications tool are available to our clients upon request within the scope of the client-attorney relationship.